Treats from the heart with true value of Hippocratic Oath. That is why I go to him. 

Dr.Korany is very knowledgeable and very thorough with the treatment for all the medical concerns that I came to him over the last ten years. I feel that I am truly blessed to be his patient. My family and many of my friends were treated by him and the healing process was always an effective one.

Dr. Korany's humanity is outstanding. He is a true doctor, very caring with his patients, with a truly big heart. I always leave his office uplifted and feeling much better within a short period.

The staff is extremely kind, helpful  and supportive. Maritza, his assistant, is always encouraging, with lots of patience and a with lovely, true professional attitude.

Thank You for everything, dear Dr. Korany


​"Dr. Korany is a wonderful person. I have had a chronic illness for 16 years and have seen dozens of doctors. He is the first who truly listened to me and I saw results immediately. The day after my first appointment I had more energy than I have had in years. My life has improved drastically since following his advice. Thank you Dr. Korany!"

"I recommend Dr Korany to everyone. I feel he has saved my live. I have been doing acupuncture for many years but Dr Korany is the BEST! He has a great bedside manner and his office staff are great!"

Roberta Evinson

"This my first experience of acupuncture ever. I had several acupuncture treatment in the past. But this time it makes a lot positive changes in my life. I used to have a insomnia in the past five years, now after a few session with Dr. Korany I 'm able to sleep without prescriptive medications, feeling much better. Thank you Dr. Korany, I highly recommend her for everybody I know."

Elena Gorbunova

"I don't think there are enough words to describe how wonderful my experience has been with Acu-Medical Center. Everyone makes you feel like family, Doctor Korany will always welcome you with a smile, no matter how bad you feel, I can assure you this will start changing from the moment you are welcome there. I had to go thru several doctors playing guessing games with my health, until I was finally referred here by a friend! I think this is the best piece of information I've got! Now I make sure to recommend Acu-medical (and everyone who works there) to everyone I see."

Juanita Fandino

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