Ozone Rectal Insufflation

Doing rectal insufflations, one must first clean out the colon by means of a colonic/enema with water, preferably ozonated water. The insufflation should be done immediately after an colonic/enema, or after a bowel movement (this last method is not really recommended, but suggested only for those who absolutely need rectal insufflations and refuse to do an enema). 


One can do a rectal insufflation for up to 45 minutes. Initially though you should start with only a few minutes at a time to see how much ozone you can handle. Ozone rectal insufflations will most likely, after time, induce at least a slight healing reaction, also known as the Herxheimer reaction, which is in effect when the body has begun the normal process of eliminating toxins. The tendency is that the sicker and more filled with toxins you are the worse this reaction will be. Some may experience additional pimples, nausea and headaches (all temporary) as the system is throwing out the toxins and going through it's normal cleansing processes. But on the upside, for the most part, for those of us who are not super sick, we can avoid major healing reactions by doing ozone a little less often over a longer duration. For me it was about a year before I could even get it up to 15 minutes. I started with between 2-10 minute treatments three times a week and then increased it little by little. Granted I was pretty sick with a constant migraine for 3 years, I would get increased headaches fairly easily at first that lasted a few days followed by ever more expanding times without any migraine at all. After a few months of doing this a few times a week the healing reaction significantly subsided, and my everlasting migraine finally disappeared. And on top of that I felt better than I had in a long time, maybe better than I ever had. 

It may relieve some pressure if you give yourself a soft abdominal massage on the belly with a slow counterclockwise massage beginning at the lower left abdomen to help the gas move around. When feeling full or cramping is felt, withdraw the catheter, shut off the generator and close the oxygen tank. Use oxygen with at least 95% purity. 


The gas enters the bloodstream through the intestinal walls, and the blood begins being oxygenated. While traversing through the intestines anaerobic bacteria are oxidized, resulting in the probable formation of gases that will cause some pressure. This is partly why doing long rectal insufflations (over 30 minutes) is not as easy as vaginal insufflations. As well, it's another reason to keep the flow rate down to 1/32 l/m. 


Also, a very small amount of fecal matter will interfere with the ozone absorption, so you should remove the catheter every so often initially until there is nothing found. 

While one can do vaginal insufflations, assuming they are female, indefinately, rectal ones are limited to how many enemas you can do per week. Probably three a week is plenty. 

As you increase treatments, you should also increase vitamin-mineral supplements. Fresh vegetables (raw as possible) and drinking a lot of water (preferably ozonated) will help flush out the waste from the intestines. When doing rectal insufflations, it is advised to take acidophilous daily.