Ear Insufflation

The ozone enters the ear canal and passes through the eardrum, which is semi-permeable. There, it oxidizes anything that is growing there, e.g., candida. After that, it will travel on to the eyes, and into the brain, oxidizing any toxins it comes into contact with. That is why this is a useful treatment for eye problems, as well as epilepsy and brain cancer. 


Set flow rate to 1/32 litre/minute and the concentration of ozone to somewhere between 35-50 ug/ml. Do each ear for just a few minute the first time, and increase the time as your tolerance allows for up to 10-15 per ear.


Insufflation in the ear is excellent for ear infections, mastoiditis; hearing problems caused by candida; tinnitus; and beyond the ear to sinusitis; macular degeneration; retinitis pigmentosa; head colds; flu; bronchitis, asthma, Alzheimer's; Parkinson's; even brain cancer.